Livestock Genetics From Spain will accompany several Spanish horse breeds at the Dubai International Horse Fair on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of March. This is the perfect scenario for the promotion of our breeds as it is one of the most important equine fairs worldwide.

Thanks to the EXPORTGEN Operational Group and the platform created within the framework of this project, Livestock Genetics from Spain (LGFS), and as part of the promotion and internationalisation actions established in the Group’s action plan for 2021, Spanish Purebred, Arabian Purebred, Hispano-Arabian Purebred and Cavall Menorquí equine breeds will be represented at the EXPORTGEN stand, where anyone interested can find out about the main characteristics of these animals and make any queries they may have. In addition, throughout the event, leaflets on the participating Spanish breeds will be distributed to provide the public with the most relevant information on Spanish equine genetics.

For its part, as an original member of EXPORTGEN, the Purebred Spanish Horse will have its own stand managed by the National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders (ANCCE), which will also provide all the information related to this breed.

Representing the Operational Group and the Spanish horse breeds at the event will be present Juan María Gallardo, from the technical department of the Spanish Federation of Selected Livestock Associations (FEAGAS); Jesús Centenera, manager of the Foreign Trade Consultancy AGERÓN; and Pedro Azor, from the National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders (ANCCE).