The international delegation was able to experience firsthand the characteristics of this native breed and the unique features of the island.

Several international journalists specialized in the equestrian world visited our country as part of the agreement signed between ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the Royal Spanish Federation of Select Livestock Associations. The aim of the agreement is to enhance promotional and commercial activities in the purebred livestock sector in foreign markets by organizing reverse trade missions for buyers and foreign influencers, under the auspices of Spain’s most representative trade fairs in the sector.

The international delegation included Ms. Holma, editor-in-chief of HIPPOS magazine in Finland; Ana Filipe, director of EQUITAÇÃO MAGAZINE in Portugal; and Suzanne Campbell, journalist and horse trainer in Ireland.

During this reverse trade mission, organized in collaboration with the Association of Breeders and Owners of Menorcan Horses, the guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique experience offered by the island of Menorca. They witnessed the morphology sections of the Menorcan Horse Morphological Contest and the respective Special Awards. Additionally, they visited the farms awarded in the Morphological Contest.

Similarly, the itinerary included various tourist visits (Maó, Naveta des Tudons, and Ciutadella), an equestrian show at the Menorcan Horse Fair, a visit to a winery, a horseback riding tour, and a tasting of typical products.

On the last day, the international journalists visited the winning farms of the Menorcan Horse Morphological Contest:

  • Ganadería Al Parico: awarded Best Farm 2024, breed champion, animals awarded in several sections, and animals at liberty.
  • Ganadería San Adeodato: breed champion, animals awarded in several sections.
  • Menorcan Equestrian School: to see KION MT, morphological and functional champion of the breed.

The overall assessment of the reverse trade mission was very positive for all parties involved.

The international delegation was accompanied by Regina Edo from the international department of RFEAGAS; Mª Dolores Gómez from the Menorcan Breed Association; and Dolores Moreno, María Jesús Abellán, and María Nuño from ICEX.