Livestock Genetics from Spain has inaugurated a dedicated training tab on its website with the purpose of centralizing the training offerings and providing users with a comprehensive experience. This initiative stems from the collaboration of associations that aim to offer this experience through Livestock Genetics from Spain, serving as a representative of Spanish genetics on the international stage.

In this section, users will find a wide variety of recorded online seminars covering diverse topics, ranging from obtaining ova in mares to in vitro embryo production and antibiotic resistance. The organization of each seminar is overseen by the associations, which propose both the topic and the speaker in most cases.

The active participation of the Association of Breeders and Owners of Menorcan Horse Breed stands out, having proposed and executed over 8 online seminars. For more information, all seminars will be announced on social media platforms, requiring prior registration, and will subsequently be available in the new training section on the Livestock Genetics from Spain website.

Here it is the direct link to the training hub: